Detailing cityscapes with bold black shapes will add depth to your urban sketches. Nurture your urban sketching skills with artist Amy Stewart (@amystewart) in this Live Demo. Amy will demonstrate her ink and watercolour techniques by painting a classic Amsterdam scene.

Check out the reference image here if you want to paint along!

Topics Covered:

  • Sketching with pencil prior to ink is encouraged and shouldn’t be perceived otherwise; 
  • Layering ink and watercolour over the pencil marks as is;
  • Using “wonkyness” in your drawing; the goal isn’t to be hyper realistic or symmetrical;
  • Adding black ink in the initial step adds drama and contrast;
  • Base layer can be grey, light purple, or colours that can be used as shadows. 

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Etchr Products mentioned:

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Other materials:

  • Water and paper towels
  • Pencil and eraser

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- Etchr Studio Team

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