Do all your pet portraits end up looking generic and a bit distorted?

Why not pull together those portraits to create a cute cartoon style? Join artist Aubry Cohen (@aubryjoi) in this Live Demo as they shows you how to draw a cartoonish pet portrait using paint pens. Learn how to stylise your pet drawings and choose colours that will match the mood of your artworks.

Download this reference photo if you wish to paint along! 

Topics Covered:

  • Basic tips on handling paint markers;
  • How they transitioned from digital to traditional, and why they like paint markers;
  • Their experience with Posca, Arteza and other marker brands, opacity and layering;
  • Recommended paper choices for paint markers;
  • Correcting errors with white pen or other colors.

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      • Nicoleissketchy said:

        I missed this went it was live, but just watched it as I had a morning coffee, and I am inspired to pick up my Posca pens and give them some exercise today!

        July 10, 2021

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