Learn to capture the elegance of a bird’s movement with ink and a brush pen in this art class preview with art educator and illustrator Charlotte Belland (@bellandpixel). She’ll use quick gesture sketches to draw the smooth lines of owls and hawks from real life. You’ll learn how she maximises her materials for confidence with live and complex subjects.

Topics Covered:

  • Gesture drawing from live subjects
  • Inking a drawing
  • Using various brush marks for form and texture
  • Gaining confidence to draw moving subjects

Here are the reference images if you want to paint along!

In the Mini Workshop art class, Charlotte will teach:

  • Varying line weight
  • Using patterns when sketching
  • Capturing movement in a still image
  • Using bold ink without fear

Enrol in Charlotte's Mini Workshop (Enrol in our US$6.00 Mini Workshops)

    Etchr Products mentioned:
    Etchr Sketchbook (Landscape): A4 Hot Press

    Jackson's Art Products mentioned:
    Tombow Black Dual Tip Blendable Brush Pen
    Pentel Black Watercolor Brush Pen
    Pentel Medium Water Brush

    Other materials:
    Light Grey Felt Tip Brush Pen, Medium to Broad
    Mid-Tone Grey Brush Pen
    15-30 sheets of non-precious/copy paper
    Clip-board or rigid surface to hold the non-precious paper
    Optional: Lightbox or access to a window

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