Learn to paint reflective surfaces with artist and interior designer Cher Mendoza (@chercabula). She’ll show you how to capture the sparkle and gloss of silverware perfectly.

 Topics Covered:

  • Simplifying complex shiny objects
  • Deciding which details are important
  • Focusing on shapes within the object
  • Layering colours for depth and contrast

Here is the reference image if you want to paint along!

In the Mini Workshop art class, Cher will teach:

  • Observing colour differences in reflective surfaces
  • Noticing how light changes on different surfaces
  • Glazing and layering colours for depth

Enrol in Cher's Mini Workshop (Enrol in our US$6.00 Mini Workshops)

    Etchr Products mentioned:

    Portrait Etchr Sketchbook B5 Cold Press
    Watercolour 24 Half Pan Set

    Jackson's Art Products mentioned:
    #2 Silver Brush Renaissance Red Sable Round brush
    Faber Castell Mechanical Pencil with blue Pentel HB lead

    Other materials:

    • Watercolour brushes (Suggested: #8 Mimik Round brush and #0 Sterling Studio Round brush)
    • Paper scraps
    • Jar of water
    • Paper towels or old rag

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    See you!

    - Etchr Studio Team


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      November 08, 2022

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