In this Live Demo with Cola Collet, she will demonstrate how she simplifies the beautiful architecture of a building somewhere in Ukraine. Watch as she colours in her line drawing with alcohol-based markers and adds some contrast by adding shadows and white pen tricks!

Check out the reference image here if you want to paint along!

Topics Covered:

  • Starting with a fineliner from the Etchr collection, and using the pencil sketch to follow where to put those marks;
  • Starting with a very light shade with Coptic markers to cover the entire building almost like a wash;
  • Layering with markers and how you should work light to dark;
  • Use a blending marker to take away extra pigment or to dull down a brightness.
  • The type of paper you should use when working with markers, which colors are good for adding shadows, and which colours work well together.

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Etchr Products mentioned:

Jackson's Art Products mentioned:

Other materials:

  • Transotype paper for alcohol-based markers
  • Pencil
  • Copic Alcohol-Based Markers - B91

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See you!

- Etchr Studio Team

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