Learn to confidently portray people loosely and expressively in this art class preview with artist Bianca Rayala (@biancarayala). She’ll show you how to use a limited colour palette to achieve colour harmony. In addition, you will learn her secrets for confidence with the human figure.

Topics Covered:

  • Working with two washes
  • Painting with colour harmony
  • Adding interest and texture with splatters
  • Adding details with dry brushing

Here is the reference image if you want to paint along.

In the Mini Workshop art class, Bianca will teach:

  • Using splashing and splattering
  • Adding vibrancy and movement
  • Mixing colours for hair and skin tones

Enrol in Bianca's Mini Workshop (Enrol in our US$6.00 Mini Workshops)

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        • Irene Hynes said:

          This was an excellent demo! Once again, I learned so much in a short time… I did want to k is the names of some of the paints used…was it horizon blue, and amethyst genuine for the dress? Thank you so much! I will check out the mini workshop too!

          November 10, 2021

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