If you fancy a well-composed bouquet, then you can try your hand at creating one with your watercolours! Take a break from your busy schedule with Clarice Gomes Watercolour (@helloclariceg) as she demonstrates how to easily mix and match loose watercolour florals in this Live Demo! Find out how she introduces colours and brush strokes that work well together through her step-by-step process.

Topics Covered:

  • Different strokes you could use with your brush to make different petal shapes;
  • Starting with the largest floral element and picking where you want your center of focus; 
  • How to use the tip of the brush, pressing down to the belly and creating the first flower petals;
  • Creating variation by adding different colors to the flowers;
  • Adding contrast with darker greenery around the edges of flowers, with various shades of green and blue.

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