A six-part workshop series to introduce you to the world of gouache. This series, designed and taught by professional artist Andrew Peña (@dasdrew_), takes you through the central concepts of painting with gouache, including materials, brush techniques, colour mixing, shapes and texture.


Preview the workshop series with this free Live Demo, where Andrew showcases various gouache techniques while painting a seascape. He addresses the colour palette used for the workshops, reusing matboard as canvas, and why he only uses one brush.


At the end of the series, a 2-hour Master Class is available where Andrew guides you through painting a complete landscape, reinforcing everything you learned in the workshops.


Reference photo for this demo: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fDwrH45kKdgEArxdCFx7uikyMelZ4o4f/view 


Purchase this Mini Workshop Series: https://etchrstudio.com/collections/beginner-workshops/products/introduction-to-gouache 


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