Learn to give your urban sketches a unique, stylised quality in this art class preview with artist Eleanor Doughty (@herbcoil). She’ll show you how she simplifies the complexity around us and turns it into a charming urban sketch. You’ll learn to work with a reference photo, starting with an ink drawing and focusing on creating exciting and precise shapes. Eleanor will finish her sketch with a limited watercolour palette, creating a vibrant and atmospheric scene.

Topics Covered:

  • Holding your pen loosely
  • Inking effectively
  • Following simple rules of perspective
  • Using black watercolour to add value
  • Finalising with a white gel pen for final details.

Reference: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wpos2j49otsorh1/etchr%20demo%20ref.jpg?dl=0

In the 90-minute art class, Eleanor will teach:

  • Highlighting to draw focus
  • Using simple shapes
  • Using solid black shapes

Links Mentioned:

  • Purchase Eleanor's Mini Workshop Recording
  • Etchr Perfect Sketchbook A5
  • Portrait Etchr Sketchbook B5 Cold Press
  • Watercolour 24 Halfpan Set

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See you!

- Etchr Studio Team

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