Learn to add bling to your botanicals with artist Jerrie Longa (@jerrie_watercolor) in this 30-minute art class. She’ll show you how to add gold ink to botanical illustrations. You’ll learn how to use ink to create depth and dimension.

Topics Covered:

  • Painting leaves with multiple techniques
  • Letting the creative juices flow
  • Using ink to create depth and dimension

Reference: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2dz498am751prpg/Jerrie%20Longga%20-%20LD%20sample.jpeg?dl=0

In the 90-minute art class, Jerrie will teach:

  • Glazing and wet-on-wet techniques
  • Composing botanical illustrations
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    Links Mentioned:

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    • Watercolour Brushes: Set of 10
    • Watercolour 24 Half Pan Set

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