Presenting “Watercolour: An Introduction,” an 8 part Workshop series to introduce you to the world of watercolour. Designed and taught by professional artist Jun-Pierre Shiozawa.

This in depth series will take you from total beginner to feeling comfortable enough around the medium to create your own original pieces. Through exercises, demos, talks and examples, you will be immersed in watercolour painting ideas that will help you develop your own painting path.

Before the workshops, you can watch a free Live Demonstration, where Jun-Pierre will paint and talk about the uniqueness of this medium. Jun will also address any questions you have about the Workshop series, since each session will focus on a different watercolour concept.

At the end, you can choose to enroll in a 3 hour class with a small student group. In this in-depth class, you will paint a full landscape alongside your peers and Jun-Pierre to reinforce all of the concepts that were introduced in the Workshop series.

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