Nature's colours can truly inspire when it comes to making art, and we all want to emphasise its beauty every time we pick up our brushes.

Create botanical-themed art with gouache and coloured liners alongside artist Maylee Mouse (@mayleemouse) in this Live Demo! Watch how she plays with paint's opacity levels using gouache and enhances its elements and details with coloured liners. Paint with us in another fun Live Demo that will surely motivate you to add vibrance to your future nature-inspired artworks!

Check out the reference images here if you want to draw along!

Topics Covered:

  • Using very diluted acrylic gouache to create a gradient underpainting over the plant sketch, and then adding background elements, being aware that acrylic gouache dries permanently;
  • Mixing concentrated, opaque paint on main botanical flower, to make it stand out from the background;
  • Creating gradients in leaves to avoid uniform coloring, and keeping variations in color throughout the botanical element.
  • Outlining the all the elements of the botanical with colored pens for sharper final details.

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