You may have tried your hand at urban sketching, but have you ever tried people sketching?

Find out how with returning artist and urban sketcher Pedro Loureiro (@pedromacloureiro) in this Live Demo! Watch Pedro's process as he illustrates people in an urban setting. Learn how to use actions, background, and scenery to capture the moment. Identify how different kinds of lines can convey different levels of focus and how colour and shadow contribute to the whole image.

Topics Covered:

  • Using two different ways to create a sketch; a continuous line method, or, a loose sketch that just captures the ideas;
  • Painting in shadows with black watercolor first to create contrast;
  • Finding the central focus when preparing to sketch people in an urban setting;
  • Using a limited palette of ultramarine blue and burnt sienna, and how using one warm and one cool color mixed together can create harmony in the painting;
  • Being deliberate with white spaces on the paper and using that as your highlight.

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