Japan is not only known as the land of the rising sun, but it's also the land of cute and quirky snacks! If you miss traveling, join artist Roxanne Bunag (@superproxie) in this Live Demo and recreate Japanese food packaging in gouache! Transform a flat photo into a still-life artwork that combines light and proportion with meaningful design. Learn new techniques to find a perfect match between art and design!

Download this reference photo and outline sketch if you wish to paint along! 

Topics Covered:

  • Sharing a love for Japanese snacks and food culture;
  • Painting wet on dry with himi gouache, and mixing and diluting colors right on the paper instead of premixing on a palette;
  • Painting in intricate details as a meditative and therapeutic outlet;
  • Adding in subsequent layers of paint to mitigate streakiness and building vibrancy of color.

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