Amping up your art shouldn't be hard at all, good thing we have William here to help us out!

Join artist William Milcovich in this free Live Demo as he teaches us how to level up your watercolour skills with ease! Grab your boots and let's explore the woods for our new Live Demo this Sunday!

Check out his reference image

Download/print the outline sketch

Topics Covered:

  • Using grays to neutralize your colours and brighten up your painting;
  • How to layer watercolour to create glazes that will help show depth in a landscape;
  • How to create light beams and shadows in a nature scene.

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          - the team at Etchr Studio


          • Diana Cromer said:

            I have failed to locate the reference images and outline for William Malcovich’s course here or on Youtube.
            Please forward these to I am currently taking the next class he offered and looking forward to you posting the three hour class. Thanks

            August 29, 2021

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