Learn to play with your art in this 30-minute art class with artist Ekaterina (Katie) Boga (@i_urban_sketch). She will share the importance of tossing the rules to the wind so you can experiment and have fun. You’ll learn how to start with local colours and create unity between elements of your work.

Check out this reference photo if you want to sketch along! 

Topics Covered:

  • Creating playful linework
  • Contour drawing
  • Using whatever materials you have
  • Being an art explorer
  • Letting go of the rules

Enrol in Ekaterina's Mini Workshop (Enrol in our US$6.00 Mini Workshops)

In the Mini Workshop art class, Ekaterina will teach:

  • Maintaining unity in a drawing
  • Applying perspective to elliptical shapes
  • Preserving values while using bright colours

    Etchr Products mentioned:

    • The Perfect Sketchbook A4
    • A4 Paper Block (Cold Press)
    • Watercolour 24 Half Pan Set

    Other materials mentioned:

    • Zebra 0.7 ballpoint pen in blue (Alternative: Posca)
    • Schpirerr Farben watercolours: Quinacridone Rose (Alternative: Daniel Smith), Yellow (Alternative: Daniel Smith), Purple (Alternative: Daniel Smith), Ultramarine Blue (Alternative: Daniel Smith), Indigo Blue (Alternative: Holbein), Poppy Red (Alternative: Daniel Smith) and Payne's Gray (Alternative: Daniel Smith)
    • Any watercolor paper, hot press or cold press that can take a lot of water,
      at least 300gsm (Suggested: Global or Canson)
    • A round watercolor brush (Suggested: Silver Brush)
    • White gel pen (Suggested: Sakura) or white marker (Suggested: POSCA)
    • Tombow Marker in 020
    • Tombow Marker in N95
    • POSCA marker (red)
    • POSCA marker (blue)
    • Water for rinsing the brushes
    • Paper towels

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