Learn to use atmospheric perspective in this art class preview with Etchr’s Resident Artist, Jun-Pierre Shiozawa (@junpierre). He’ll show you how to paint an entire city scene by starting with thumbnails and using washes. You’ll never again feel overwhelmed by a big city view when you can use Jun-Pierre’s techniques.

Topics Covered:

  • Planning thumbnails before starting your painting
  • How to lay down washes to get the atmospheric perspective effect
  • How to add details, light, and shadows without overworking your piece
  • The different stages of wet paper - and how to use it to your advantage

Reference: (credit to Michael Shainblum) https://www.dropbox.com/s/muavkxzmew8q1ol/Jun_Sep25.jpg?dl=0

In the 90-minute art class, Jun-Pierre will teach:

  • Watercolour techniques, including layering and glazing
  • Adding depth and dimension with shadows and light

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