Want to add a new look to your urban sketching?

Join Kate Voronina on November 3rd as she demonstrates how to use water soluble wax pastels to create colourful and fun sketches!

Plus - her unique style is bound to get you looking at art references under a new light...

Who's ready for something new?

Topics covered:

  • How to use soluble wax pastels with and without water;
  • Creating unique compositions from your reference;
  • How to pick a very limited palette and make it shine;
  • Translating reference colours into your limited palette.

Links Mentioned:

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- the team at Etchr Studio


  • Jeanette Burt said:

    I enjoyed the YouTube film about sketching with pastels by Kate Voronina.
    However i cannot find the miniworkshop offered on the same page.
    Can you help me? Thanks!

    March 17, 2023

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