Painting a character is a typical notion when creating artworks.

Why not have a bit of fun and add your own twist? Join artist Kimberli Johnson (@kimberlistudio) in this Live Demo as she demonstrates her unique way of using traditional media to incorporate elements of different creatures in just one character! Find out her techniques on using watercolour and picking a colour palette to bring out your character's style and personality!

Check out the reference images here if you want to draw along!

Topics Covered:

  • Using complementary color schemes to create a great painting;
  • Using saturation to control focus points;
  • Adding a touch of other colors to new ones to make sure they are unified;
  • Mixing your own blacks so that it has some color to it;
  • Thinking of watercolor like chess - strategize your moves.;
  • Understanding that most shadows would be cool because the light source (the sun) is warm.

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