Learn to sketch in ink with confidence in this art class preview with professional architect and artist Marek Badzynski (@marekbad64). He will show you how to let go of self-doubt when drawing with ink. Watch him capture architecture quickly and without hesitation using his unique style, the “arty doodle.” 

Topics Covered:
- Beginning at the top of the paper to avoid smudging
- Creating value and variation with your pen
- Using inking techniques like hatching, cross-hatching, and stippling
- Understanding how to approach lighting with value
- Creating doodles from your memories

 Check out these inspiration images here if you want to paint along!

 In the Mini Workshop art class, Marek will teach:

- Letting go of your art-making inhibitions
- Composing a scene for depth and dimension
- Drawing without a reference confidently
- Adding final touches with watercolour

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Etchr Products mentioned:
Watercolour Greeting Cards: Cold Press
The Perfect Sketchbook A4

Suggested Jackson's Art Materials:

Other materials:

  • Paper towel or blotter

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