Learn to use the principles of traditional calligraphy for landscapes in this 30-minute art class with artist Marvin Chew (@marvinchew). He’ll show you how to take a minimal palette with seemingly simple brushstrokes to create a lush landscape.




Topics Covered:

  • Using Chinese calligraphy brush strokes to create foliage
  • Composing with the rule of thirds
  • Mixing colours for atmospheric perspective
  • Combining hard and soft edges
  • Understanding the importance of not copying the reference

Live Demo Reference: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xj3k6s4hj1jksuv/LDReference_MarvinChew.JPG?dl=0 

In the Mini Workshop art class, Marvin will teach:

  • Painting lights and darks efficiently and confidently
  • Creating vibrant and luminous pieces
  • Using a monochrome value sketch

Enrol in Marvin's Mini Workshop (Enrol in our US$6.00 Mini Workshops)

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    • Watercolour Brushes: Set of 10

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