Learn to sketch “on location” with Google Earth in this art class preview with one of Etchr’s Resident Artists, Pedro Loureiro (@pedromacloureiro). He’ll show you how to use Google Earth to choose an excellent location to sketch and paint. You’ll learn to simplify the human figure and complete your painting with a limited colour palette.

Topics Covered:

  • Using Google Maps
  • Composing with the Rule of Thirds
  • Continuous line technique: drawing with a pen (and tips to get started!)
  • How to draw people without really drawing people
  • Figuring out the best colours to use

Reference: https://goo.gl/maps/3LCNTSmX5aiChR1x6

In the 90-minute art class, Pedro will teach:

  • Composing an urban sketch
  • Perspective techniques

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- the team at Etchr Studio

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