Isn't it unique for art to possess a humanlike character?

Elevate your painting skills and diversify the subjects of your artworks! Let your pens dance in this live demo with artist Sketchgooroo (@sketchgooroo) as he demonstrates ways to give life to inanimate objects. Learn how to choose everyday items and give them a literal human trait as you unlock a fantastical theme to your artwork!

Check out the reference image here if you want to paint along!

Topics Covered:

  • How to sketch loosely;
  • Tips on drawing hands and how to place facial features;
  • Learn how to effectively use a brush pen with a variety of lines;
  • Convey shadow and light with ink lines;
  • Add texture to mimic the real object you're referencing;
  • Coloring with markers and adding finishing touches by smearing colored pencil.

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