Join this Live Demo to watch Artist Sofia Pavan Macias (@sofiapavanmacias) paint a landscape study. She will demonstrate her approach from start to finish with layering and detailing techniques, so the painting doesn’t appear flat. Sofia will also discuss how a good reference photo can help create depth in your lush landscapes.

Check out the reference image here if you want to paint along!

Topics Covered:

  • Layering the base colours from top to bottom;
  • How pre-mixing the paint can help speed up the process and maintain consistency with the colour scheme;
  • Using a dabbing technique and creating contrast by adding different layers of darker colours;
  • Starting with the darkest colour in the foreground to create a 3D effect;
  • Creating an ombré effect to emulate shadows and highlights within the surface of the subject.

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Etchr Products mentioned:

Jackson's Art Products mentioned:

Other materials:

  • Synthetic brushes: smaller round and flat brushes will be most useful 
  • Water
  • An old towel 

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- Etchr Studio Team

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