Have fun with portraiture and go wild with your colours! Join artist Tanya Turner (@xplosive_art) in this far-from-the-average Live Demo! Watch as she creates compelling undertones, builds layers with acrylic paint, and shows why less can indeed be more, even when painting people. Learn her techniques to break up the face into simple shapes, choose unusual colour schemes, and utilise unexpected materials to create depth and interest!

Check out the reference image here if you want to paint along!

Topics Covered:

  • Jumping right in on a pre washed acrylic paper using a small brush like a pencil to sketch out the negative spaces in and around the face;
  • Adding in shadows with a larger flat brush, keeping in mind to use cool colors for shadows, and warm colors for lights;
  • Using the background wash color to create the mid tones;
  • Staying consistent with the colors you use, and how to fill in negative space with gradients or textured strokes;
  • Glazing with acrylics to add tone;
  • Painting in botanical elements with a round brush and adding final details with black in pens and white acrylic pens.

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