Throw your colour expectations out the window for this art class preview with artist Tanya Turner (@xplosive_art). She’ll create compelling undertones, build layers with acrylic paint, and show why less can indeed be more, even when painting people. You’ll learn her technique to break up the face into simple shapes, choose unusual colour schemes, and utilise unexpected materials to create depth and interest.

Topics Covered:

  • Using a small brush like a pencil to sketch
  • Sketching negative shapes around the face
  • Adding shadows with a large, flat brush
  • Adding mid tones with background wash colour
  • Painting in botanical elements with a round brush
  • Adding final details with black ink pens and white acrylic pens


In the 90-minute art class, Tanya will teach:

  • create an effective underpainting
  • build layers with acrylic paint
  • essentials of facial proportions
  • choosing unique colours

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Links Mentioned:

  • Wood Pulp A4 Paper Block (Cold Press)
  • Gouache Brushes: Set of 8
  • Black Graphic Pen Collection: Set of 16

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