Learn to paint the most important feature of any animal portrait – the eyes. In this art class preview, artist Wendy Paints (@wendypaints) will paint a dog’s eyes. She’ll share some of her techniques for painting fur texture and eyes that convey emotion. You’ll see how she adds just the right amount of detail, so the portrait is realistic and expressive.

Topics Covered:

  • Layering washes to build depth
  • Using paperwhite for highlights
  • Determining the right amount of contrast
  • Using wet-in-wet to soften and blend edges
  • Painting fur textures

Here is the reference image if you want to paint along!

In the Mini Workshop art class, Wendy will teach:

  • Adding emotional depth to a pet portrait
  • Painting the full animal
  • Keeping the focus on the eyes
  • Using undertones for a realistic look to eyes, noses, and ears

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    Other materials:

    • Palette to mix paints
    • Water cup
    • Paper towel

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