Studio Calendar

Welcome to the Etchr Studio Calendar!

Here you can find the dates and times for all scheduled Live Demos, Mini Workshops and 3hour Classes.

Subscribe to the Calendar to get notified before the events start!



What time zone is displayed on this calendar?

Every event is displayed in EST (New York time). However,  if you subscribe to the calendar, it will sync with your own calendar and display everything in your time zone!

How can I subscribe to this calendar?

On the bottom right corner of the calendar displayed above, click on the blue + Google Calendar image. This will open a new page that will ask you if you'd like to add this calendar to your own.

Can I subscribe only to the Mini Workshops and Classes I'm enrolled in?

The purpose of this Calendar is to keep you updated on all teaching events happening at Etchr Studio.

If you enrolled in any of our 90min Mini Workshop or 3-hour Classes, you will get email notifications with all the details you need to attend.

What if I miss the Free Live Demos?

No worries! We record every Free Live Demo and make them available on both our Youtube Channel, or website. We also have the events happening on two different times to try and get to everyone, everywhere!

...and what if I miss the Mini Workshop I enrolled in?

No problem at all - we record our Mini Workshops and send them to every student who enrolled!

I still have questions!

Great - just shoot us an email at and we'll get back to you ASAP!