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Expressive and Playful Urban Sketching with Mixed Media

Aug 2, 2022 - 12PM EDT

Pencils, markers, graphite, gouache - everything goes! Join Nathalia Velasquez as she teaches how to appreciate your travels by portraying your surroundings in a free, dynamic and fun way.

  • Face the blank page and sketch freely and fast;
  • Understand what to include or leave out of your composition;
  • Mix varied mediums while creating a cohesive piece;

Easy Daily Art Practice with Mixed Media

July 26, 2022 - 10AM EDT

If creating art every day seems like mission impossible, please allow Erika Lamar to prove you wrong in the most fun, accessible, and 'botanical themed' way.

  • Easy sketching tips for total beginners;
  • Layering with a variety of markers;
  • Building a daily drawing habit with affordable materials;
Live Art Class Starter Kit
Live Art Class Starter Kit
Live Art Class Starter Kit
Live Art Class Starter Kit

Live Art Class Starter Kit


A one-box solution to take part in our live-streamed art classes on YouTube. Whether you're watching a class focused on watercolour, acrylic, sketching, gouache or mixed media, this kit has all the basics you need to participate. Free international shipping.


  • US / Canada: 7 days or less
  • UK / EU: 7 days or less
  • Australia: 7 days or less
  • Rest of World : 2 - 3 weeks


  • A5 50% Cotton Paper Pad Cold Press
  • Paint Brushes (Round Size 6, Flat Size 1/2)
  • Black Fineliner Pen (Waterproof)
  • Watercolour Half Pan Set
  • Gouache set
  • Acrylic set


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